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Links to Military Sites


United States Marine Corps Official Web Page: How could I not put this one here! Has a massive amount of good info. It even has some online doctrine manuals. Has pictures and info on current weapons used by my beloved Corps.

First Battalion Third Marines: My old Battalion. This is an unofficial web page. The emblem brings back memories

Defense Link: Has a lot of great pictures, multimedia and the like. This is an official Military Web Server. Also has a great deal of news, some publications and articles.

Airborne Rangers: A neat web page that concentrates on US Army Airborne Rangers. Cool graphics and a message board.

MILNET: A great source of information for writers because it contains a great deal of information about the military and is designed for writers. It details current weapons and some under development. It also has some great links to governmental data bases.

The British Army Homepage: This is the British Army's official web page. Well done and informative. Don't forget to take the Challenge!

Special Operations: This link has a lot of great info on special operations groups from Marine Recon to Soviet Spetsnaz.

French Foriegn Legion: This is an official French Foriegn Legion web page in English.

Finland's Defense Force: This is a web page for the Finnish Military in English.

US Navy Seals Homepage: Excellent info on these great warriors.

US Army Technology: This excellent resource details current weapons and future technologies.

The Swiss Military Net: Has some interesting stuff on the Swiss Army.


Links to Military Manuals Online


Engineer Pamphlets: Official manuals from the Army Corps of Engineers.

Soldier Of Fortune Magazine: This is not a how to for mercs, it is a magazine that covers those hotspots the regular media is too scared too. It has some very good information.

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